Alberto Romero

I’m a videogame designer and developer born in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been working in the software developement industry since 2011, and developing games since 2014. I have a formal education in computer engineering with an artistic background.



This project for Zink Media Studios will be an adventure rpg grounded in history and time travel. Developed with Unity Engine, you can know a lot more about it through the Overtimers webpage.

role: Creative Director / Lead Designer / Gameplay Engineer.

release: on development.


Electrical Diagnosis

This serious game was ordered by Volkswagen Group UK for the Virtagora platform. As this game can only be played by LEAP users (the Virtagora dedicated platform for Volkswagen UK), only screenshots are available.

role: Gameplay Engineer.

release: 2016 (only on LEAP).


Mochi Game Engine

Demo of the mgame, the game engine developed in Project Mochi. It's a custom 2D engine for HTML5 canvas.

role: Programmer & Artist.

release: unpublished.


PEX System

Tis is an original tabletop role playing game rules system. The system was originally designed to support two different games with different settings: Xia and Arena .

role: Designer, Writer.

release: unpublished.






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